New York City is committed to being the most tech-friendly, innovative, and equitable big city in the world

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These guidelines provide a framework to help government and our partners responsibly deploy connected devices and IoT technologies in a coordinated and consistent manner. More than 35 leading cities, spanning 11 countries, have now joined New York City in this effort.

Privacy + Transparency

When we use new technologies on city streets and in public spaces, we are committed to being open and transparent about the “who, what, where, when, and why” for any data or information being collected and used.

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Data Management

Data is the core of any IoT system. We will ensure that IoT and real-time data is captured, stored, verified, and made accessible in ways that maximize public benefit.

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To capitalize on the value and benefits derived from public assets, we will deploy, use, maintain and dispose of IoT devices, networks and infrastructure in an efficient, responsible, and secure manner.

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Keeping New Yorkers safe is our top priority.  To do so, we are designing and operating IoT systems to protect the public, ensure the integrity of services, and maximize resilience.

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Operations + Sustainability

We are committed to streamlining operational processes and ensuring financial, operational, and environmental sustainability to ensure that our city keeps running better and faster.

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These guidelines are designed to continually evolve and improve over time — we welcome and appreciate all feedback. We also invite cities to join the effort by committing to our guiding principles for the responsible and equitable deployment of smart city technologies. Contact us to learn more.

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